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The Mauritanian National Focal Point offers you the services and links pages in order to give a better understanding of biodiversity in Mauritania and the country.

"Actors involved in Mauritania's biodiversity" gives you pertinent  information on the actors. You will find addresses, projects undertaken etc.

"Biodiversity in Mauritania" pages give information on the biodiversity  in Mauritania through links to pages on National Reserves, IUCN redlist, and others.

The "General Information" pages serve as back ground pages about Mauritania for people who want to know more about the country. You can find links and pages on the History of Mauritania, the Government, travelling, etc.

"Abbreviations and acronyms" are pages with abbreviations and acronyms related to the Convention hosted at the Belgian Clearing-House. You can always access these pages from anywhere in this site by going to the bottom of the pages and click on this button. 

"Glossary" gives a link to the glossary pages hosted at the Belgian Clearing-House.


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