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Biodiversity in Mauritania


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Biodiversity in Mauritania

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When talking about biodiversity in Mauritania, many people in Europe know Mauritania's importance for the migration of birds and their winter breeding grounds. However regarding biological diversity there is much more to discover in Mauritania.

Mauritania has several National Parks and Nature Reserves. Banc d'Arguin is probably the most famous. It has been put on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1989. Several sites give information on Mauritania's National Parks:


All protected areas in Mauritania:
Searchable database (by WCMC)

Banc d'Arguin:
Description of Natural World Heritage Properties
Inscription as World Heritage site by UNESCO
Site under the Ramsar Convention on wetlands
Association for the National Parc Banc d'Arguin

Strict Natural Reserve of Diaouling:
Reserve of Diaouling

Information on the plant and animal diversity of Mauritania can be found in our Country Study prepared for the Convention. Other sites give additional information on the species richness of Mauritania and their status.

Lists of threathened species in Mauritania
IUCN threatened animal redlist (searchable database by WCMC)
IUCN redlist for threatened plants (searchable database by WCMC)

Birds in Mauritania
Site on birds in Mauritania

Agricultural plant diversity:
Directory of Germplasm Collections (searchable database by IPGRI)
Collections held by International Research Organizations (SINGER, searchable database)


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