Implementation of the Convention 
by Burkina Faso

After ratifying the Convention on Biological Diversity Burkina Faso became Party to the Convention in 1993. 

As Party to the Convention, Burkina Faso has several obligations towards the Convention: 

  • It has to pay a yearly contribution towards the functioning of the Secretary of the Convention;
  • It has to produce on a regular basis national reports, thematic reports, a national biodiversity strategy and action plan and other documents and reports.
  • It should adapt it's legislation to ensure an adequate legal base for the conservation and utilisation of the biodiversity.
  • It should ensure that all stakeholders are involved in the process.

This part of the CHM of Burkina Faso will give an overview of the organisation on national level to prepare the necessary legislation, the legislation that touches different aspects of biodiversity conservation and the national documents that give information on the efforts by Burkina Faso to conserve and protect it's biodiversity. On a later date information on biodiversity conservation projects will also be added in this section.

Responsible Authorities:
Steering Committee

Legislation and policies:
Ratification process

National documents:
National Reports
Thematic Reports
Other documents

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