Country study Burkina Faso 

Appendix 3 : Characteristics of noticeable humid zones of Burkina Faso

Sites  Description  Commentaries  Criteria
1. Béli  Rivers and natural ponds Sensitive site but with low biological diversity  S
2. Oursi et Yemboli Natural ponds Rich ornithology, sites with fragile ecology due to pastorale pressure B, E, S
3. Banh Flooding and manure spreading zone  Threatened by the dam and pressure of migrants B, E, S
4. Sourou Dam with irrigation-farming development Natural habitat in course of change by irrigation-farming developments (rice-farming and others) - to be supervised E, S
5. Ziga Rivers with a dam project Risk of changing a habitat of ecological value S
6. Ouagadougou Urban dams; site being part of the drainage network of the town Risk of urban/industrial pollution of these dams and classified forest  S
7. Grand Balé Rivers in a national park Site rich biological diversity (big mammals) B
8. Bagré Dam with hydro-electic and irrigation farming Risk changing the habitat E
9. Arly (Pendjari) Rivers in the national park Site with rich biological diversity (hippopotamuses, birds) B
10. Parc W Rivers in the national park (Pendjari and Mekrou) Site with rich biological diversity not yet catalogued B
11. Bala Hippopotamus ponds and flooding zone in a reserve of the Biosphere Site with rich biological diversity (hippopotamuses) B, T
12. Nazinga Rivers with many dams in the ranch Site with rich biological diversity (mammals, birds, flora) B, T
13. Guinguette Zone of Artois sources Forest gallery (ligneous), site rich in biological diversity (fishes), tourist overexploitation, damage of the banks B, S, T
14. Tengréla Natural lakes near the cascades Forest gallery (ligneous), site riche in biological diversity (fishes) B, T
15. N'Dionkélé-Foulasso Flooding zone Site with rich biological diversity Rice-growing, risk of changing the habitat B, E
16. Sabou Developed ponds Site with rich biological diversity (crocodiles) T
17. Lenga Rivers and flooding zone Site with rich biological diversity (hippopotamuses), destabilized by the Bagré dam T
18. Bam Natural lake Diverse crops E

Source : UICN - BURKINA, 1994, in OUADBA,1997.

B = Site with rich biological diversity
E = Economic site (development of irrigation-farming, etc.)
S = Sensitive site
T = Tourist site

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