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This report is the result of a collective work undertaken with the participation of representatives from various activity sectors at both central and decentralised levels dealing with the management and use of biological diversity. The Permanent Secretary of the National Council for the Management of the Environment and the executive summary team wish to express their deepest gratitude to:

  • the political and administrative authorities of the Houet, Kadiogo and Sanmatenga provinces for their warm welcome and for having organised the workshops for reviewing the first draft of this report;
  • the officials and technicians from national and international institutions who supplied the needed data for the completion of this report;
  • to the participants of the national and regional workshops who contributed a lot to enrich and improve the quality of this document.

On behalf of the Burkinabč authorities, we thank UNPE, the Canadian Nature Museum and UNDP very much for their technical advice which made the drafting and improvement of this document possible.

We also extend our thanks to all individuals and legal entities that contributed to the drafting of this report.

use of TERMS

Allogamy:  Pollination of a flower by a pollen from another flower coming or not from another plant.
Beetles:  Coleoptera that lays eggs in flower of peas and whose larvae eat the seeds of this plant.
Cryptogames:  Flowerless, fruitless and seedless multi-cell plants (as opposed to phanerogames).
Genotypic:  Overall genes contained in the chromosomic D.N.A. of a living cell.
Macrophytes:  Generic term used to designate any plant that can be seen with the naked eye (ant.: microphyte).
Phanerophyte:  Used for plants whose terminal buds and sprouts are situated on stems.
Riparian:  Vegetation that grows on the banks of rivers.
Spontaneous:  Used for a plant that grows naturally in a region without being introduced by man.
Therophytes:  Annual plants.
Tradipractitioner:  A person practising pharmacopoeia and / or traditional medicine.
Vertisols:  Very clayey soils.

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