Country study Burkina Faso 


BDPA : Agricultural Production Development Office
BF : Burkina Faso
BUNASOL :  National Soils Office
CAP :  Certificate of Professional Aptitude
CES/AGF : Conservation of Waters and Soils/Agro-Forestry
CES/DRS : Conservation of Waters and Soils/Defence and Restoration of Soils
CFD : French Development Fund
CIEH :  Inter - States Committee for Hydraulic Study
CILSS :  Inter - States Committee for Drought Control in the Sahel
CIRAD : International Centre for Research in Agronomy for Development
CIRDES : International Centre for Research Development of Animal Rearing in 
Humid Zones
CIRP :  International Council for Phytogenetic Resources
CNDA :  National Centre for Agricultural Documentation
CNRST :  National Centre for Scientific and Technological Research
CNSF :  National Centre for Forest Seeds
CONAGESE :  National Council for Environmental Management
CRPA :  Regional Centre for Agro - Pastoral Promotion
CRTO :  Regional Remote Sensing Centre of Ouagadougou
DNA :  Deoxyribonucleic acid
DOET :  Directorate of the Organisation of Traditional Animal Rearing
DPIA :  Directorate of Animal Production and Industries
DRARA :  Regional Directorates of Agriculture and Animal Resources
DSA :  Agricultural Services Directorate
EU :  European Union
FAO :  United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation
F CFA :  Franc of the African Financial Community
FED :  European Development Fund
FEM :  Global Environment Fund (French Acronym)
GEF :  Global Environment Fund
GEPRENAF :  Participatory Management of Natural Resources and Fauna
ICRAF :  International Centre for Agro-Forestry Research
ICRISAT :  International Centre for Research on Crops of Semi-arid
Tropical Zones
IDR :  Rural Development Institute
IEMVT :  Institute of Animal Rearing and Tropical Veterinary Medicine
IGN :  National Geographic Institute (in France)
INERA :  Environmental and Agricultural Research Institute (ex
Survey and Agricultural Research Institute)
INSD :  National Statistical and Demography Institute
IITA :  International Institute for Tropical Agriculture
IPD/AOS :  Pan-African Institute for Development/ West Africa Sahel
IRAT :  Institute for Tropical Agronomic Research
IRBET :  Institute for Research in Tropical Biology and Ecology
MARA :  Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources
MAT :  Ministry of Territorial administration (Ministry of Interior)
MEE :  Ministry of Environment and Water
ORSTOM :  French Institute of Scientific Research for Development in Cooperation
OCCGE :  Organisation for Cooperation and Fight Against Important
Endemic Diseases
OCDE :  Organisation for Cooperation and Economic Development
ONAT :  National office of Soil Development
ONG :  Non-Governmental Organisation
ORANA :  Organisation for Research on African Food and Nutrition
ORD :  Regional Development Organisation
OXFAM :  Oxford Committee for Famine Relief (NGO for struggle against famine)
PANE :  National Environmental Action Plan
PDAV :  Village Agriculture Development Project
PDRI/HKM :  Integrated Rural Development Project /Houet-Kossi-Mouhoun
PNB :  Gross National Product
PNGT :  National Programme for Soil Management
PNUD :  United Nations Development Programme
PNUE :  United Nations Environmental Programme
RAF :  Agrarian and Land Reorganisation
SIG :  Geographic Information System
SOPAL :  Alcohols and Liqueurs Production Company
SOSUCO :  Sugar Company of Comoé
SPA :  Provincial Services of Agriculture
SATEC :  Technical Assistance and Cooperation Company
UICN :  International Union for Nature
UO :  University of Ouagadougou
USAID :  United States Agency for International Development

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