Biodiversity conservation related information 
from Burkina Faso

Faunal reserve (Sites by WCMC):

Partial Faunal reserves:
Information in the Country Study


Total Faunal Reserve:
Information in the Country Study

National Parks (Information in the Country study and by WCMC )

Information in the Country study:
National Park of "W"
Kaboré Tambi National Park

According to information on UNEP-WCMC database:
Forêt Classée de la Mare aux Hippopotames

Les forêts classées des Deux Balés
National Park Kaboré Tambi of Pô
National Park "W" of Burkina Faso

Wetlands Reserves
(Reserves under RAMSAR)

General overview of the wetlands in Burkina Faso
Parc national du W (Ramsar or international wetlands)
La Mare aux hippopotames  (Ramsar or international wetlands)
La Mare d'Oursi  (Ramsar ou international wetlands)

All protected zones of Burkina Faso:
Database of the WCMC



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