Biodiversity conservation related information 
from Burkina Faso

This biodiversity section of the Clearing House of Burkina Faso will try to give you an overview of the biodiversity of Burkina Faso, information on the conservation, and the people and institutes involved as well as other information resources.  

Conservation areas
The conservation of the rich biodiversity is not limited to the conservation in-situ in nature reserves, national parks or sanctuaries of the biodiversity but in many other ways as well. This page gives information  related to in-situ conservation in Burkina Faso.

Fauna and flora
The Fauna and Flora of Burkina Faso is may be not as diverse as other countries in the region but it's biodiversity is very important for the rural population that derives many services from biodiversity. 

People and Institutes involved in the conservation of biodiversity are mentioned. Special emphasis will be given on a later stage to all project/research proposals that people have undertaken or are willing to collaborate in.



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