Third National Report of Belgium
to the Convention on Biological Diversity


Article 19 - Handling of biotechnology and distribution of its benefits

135. On Article 19(1), has your country taken measures to provide for the effective participation in biotechnological research activities by those Contracting Parties which provide the genetic resources for such research?
a) No X
b) No, but potential measures are under review
c) Yes, some measures are in place
d) Yes, comprehensive legislation are in place
e) Yes, comprehensive statutory policy and subsidiary legislation are in place
f) Yes, comprehensive policy and administrative measures are in place

136. On Article 19(2), has your country taken all practicable measures to promote and advance priority access by Parties, on a fair and equitable basis, to the results and benefits arising from biotechnologies based upon genetic resources provided by those Parties?
a) No
b) No, but potential measures are under review X
c) Yes, some measures are in place
d) Yes, comprehensive measures are in place

Box LIX.

Please elaborate below on the implementation of this article and associated decisions specifically focusing on:

a) outcomes and impacts of actions taken;
b) contribution to the achievement of the goals of the Strategic Plan of the Convention;
c) contribution to progress towards the 2010 target;
d) progress in implementing national biodiversity strategies and action plans;
e) contribution to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals;
f) constraints encountered in implementation.

Already before the entry into force of the Cartagena Protocol in Belgium on 14.07.2004, the Service of Biosafety and Biotechnology of the Scientific Institute for Public Health had started to establish the Belgian component of the Biosafety Clearing House, taking advantage of its experience and information on biosafety gathered through the organisation of the Belgian Biosafety Server (BBS), initiated in 1996. Those initiatives not only contain information on Belgian biosafety regulations and GMO's authorisations, but also on risk evaluations and other scientific informations and links relative to biosafety. As such, it was designated as the Belgian BCH Focal Point. Thanks to its long experience and expertise in the development and management of internet-based systems for information sharing in the field of biosafety, it participated in a training programme (3 weeks) for webmasters of developing countries for the BCH of the Protocol, financed by the Belgian Development Cooperation.

The organisation of or the co-financing of the organisation by other European countries of seminars on GMO's risk assesment and management for representatives of developing countries is presently discussed between the Belgian Focal Point for the Protocol (DG Environment of the Federal Public Service for Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment) and the Belgian Development Cooperation. (see also answer to question 123 on research projects on socio-economic impacts of GMO's).

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