Second National Report of Belgium
to the Convention on Biological Diversity

The final version of Belgium's Second National Report to the Convention on Biological Diversity is now available as Web pages, Word and PDF file formats.


Texts Html PDF Word
Second National Report - full text (without annexes)


Introductory tables Html Word
Introduction to  themes Html Word
Article 5 Cooperation Html Word
Article 6 General measures for conservation and sustainable use Html Word
Article 7 Identification and monitoring  Decisions on Taxonomy Html Word
Article 8 In situ conservation [excluding Articles 8h and 8j] Html Word
Article 8h Alien species Html Word
Article 8j Traditional knowledge and related provisions Html Word
Article 9 Ex situ conservation Html Word
Article 10 Sustainable use of components of biological diversity Html Word
Article 11 Incentive measures Html Word
Article 12 Research and training Html Word
Article 13 Public education and awareness Html Word
Article 14 Impact assessment and minimizing adverse impacts Html Word
Article 15 Access to genetic resources Html Word
Article 16 Access to and transfer of technology Html Word
Article 17 Exchange of information Html Word
Article 18 Technical and scientific cooperation Html Word
Article 19 Handling of biotechnology and distribution of its benefits Html Word
Article 20 Financial resources Html Word
Article 21 Financial mechanism Html Word
Article 23 Conference of the Parties Html Word
Article 24 Secretariat Html Word
Article 25 SBSTTA Html Word
Article 26 Reports Html Word
Ecosystem approach Html Word
Inland water ecosystems Html Word
Marine and coastal biological diversity Html Word
Agricultural biological diversity Html Word
Forest biological diversity Html Word
Biological diversity of dry and sub-humid lands Html Word
Operations of the Convention Html Word
Concluding tables Html Word
Acronyms used in the report Word
Annex 7.1. - Flemish Region: references on inventory and monitoring activities, incl. red lists programmes Html Word
Annex 7.2. - Flemish Region: references on assessment, monitoring and indicators Html Word
Annex 8.1. - Walloon Region: nature conservation in the Walloon Region Html Word
Annex 8.2. - Flemish Region: forest and nature reserves in Flanders Html Word



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