Second National Report of Belgium
to the Convention on Biological Diversity

Inland water ecosystems

Decision IV/4. Status and trends of the biological diversity of inland water ecosystems and options for conservation and sustainable use

310. Has your country included information on biological diversity in wetlands when providing information and reports to the CSD, and considered including inland water biological diversity issues at meetings to further the recommendations of the CSD?
a) no
b) yes X

311. Has your country included inland water biological diversity considerations in its work with organisations, institutions and conventions affecting or working with inland water?
a) no
b) yes X

If a developing country Party or Party with economy in transition -

312. When requesting support for projects relating to inland water ecosystems from the GEF, has your country given priority to identifying important areas for conservation, preparing and implementing integrated watershed, catchment and river basin management plans, and investigating processes contributing to biodiversity loss?
a) no
b) yes

313. Has your country reviewed the programme of work specified in annex 1 to the decision, and identified priorities for national action in implementing the programme?
a) no
b) under review X
c) yes

Decision V/2. Progress report on the implementation of the programme of work on the biological diversity of inland water ecosystems (implementation of decision IV/4)

314. Is your country supporting and/or participating in the River Basin Initiative?
a) no
b) yes X

315. Is your country gathering information on the status of inland water biological diversity?
a) no
b) assessments ongoing X
c) assessments completed X

(315) Flanders - The status of inland water biological diversity is monitored on a large timescale. Even when assessments are already carried out for Belgium as a whole, the Flemish Region is still going on with regional assessments to get a good picture on a larger time frame.

316. Is this information available to other Parties?
a) no
b) yes - national report
c) yes - through the CHM X
d) yes - other means (please give details below) X

(316 c) Direct links are in preparation.

316 d) Information available in scientific reports. A general overview is given in:- Delbeuck, Cl, 2000. Etat de l'Environnement Wallon, 2000. L'environnement wallon à l'aube du XXIe siècle. Approche évolutive. Ministère de la Région wallonne, Direction générale des Ressources Naturelles et de l'Environnement.- Kuijken, E. (red.), 1999. Natuurrapport 1999. Toestand van de natuur in Vlaanderen: cijfers voor het beleid. Mededelingen van het Instituut voor Natuurbehoud 6, Brussel.

317. Has your country developed national and/or sectoral plans for the conservation and sustainable use of inland water ecosystems?
a) no
b) yes - national plans only
c) yes - national plans and major sectors X
d) yes - national plans and all sectors

318. Has your country implemented capacity-building measures for developing and implementing these plans?
a) no
b) yes X

Decision III/21. Relationship of the Convention with the CSD and biodiversity-related conventions

319. Is the conservation and sustainable use of wetlands, and of migratory species and their habitats, fully incorporated into your national strategies, plans and programmes for conserving biological diversity?
a) no
b) yes X

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