Second National Report of Belgium
to the Convention on Biological Diversity

Article 26 Reports

301. What is the status of your first national report?
a) Not submitted
b) Summary report submitted
c) Interim/draft report submitted
d) Final report submitted X
If b), c) or d), was your report submitted:
by the original deadline of 1.1.98 (Decision III/9)?
by the extended deadline of 31.12.98 (Decision IV/14)? X
Later (please specify date)

(301) Submitted during COP-4 (Bratislava) and distributed in situ to all delegations.

Decision IV/14 National reports

302. Did all relevant stakeholders participate in the preparation of this national report, or in the compilation of information used in the report?
a) no X
b) yes

(302) Some departments paid little or no attention to the first national report. The private sector did not participate in the process.

303. Has your country taken steps to ensure that its first and/or second national report(s) is/are available for use by relevant stakeholders?
a) no
b) yes X
If yes, was this by:
a) informal distribution?
b) publishing the report? X
c) making the report available on request? X
d) posting the report on the Internet? X

Decision V/19. National reporting

304. Has your country prepared voluntary detailed thematic reports on one or more of the items for in-depth consideration at an ordinary meeting of the parties, following the guidelines provided?
a) no X
b) yes - forest ecosystems
c) yes - alien species
d) yes - benefit sharing

(304) Thematic reports on forest biological diversity and alien species are in preparation.

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