Second National Report of Belgium
to the Convention on Biological Diversity

Article 23 Conference of the Parties

293. How many people from your country participated in each of the meetings of the Conference of the Parties?
a) COP 1 (Nassau) 7
b) COP 2 (Jakarta) 4
c) COP 3 (Buenos Aires) 2
d) COP 4 (Bratislava) 4
e) COP 5 (Nairobi) 6

(293) All numbers refer to government delegates only.

Decision I/6, Decision II/10, Decision III/24 and Decision IV/17.
Finance and budget

294. Has your country paid all of its contributions to the Trust Fund?
a) no
b) yes X

(294) All contributions to the Trust Fund, including the one for the year 2000, were paid. For the year 2000, the Belgian contribution (88,281 US$) was paid on the 2nd January 2001. For the year 2001, this contribution will amount to 96,942 US$.

Decision IV/16 (part) Preparation for meetings of the Conference of the Parties

295. Has your country participated in regional meetings focused on discussing implementation of the Convention before any meetings of the Conference of the Parties?
a) no
b) yes (please specify which) X

(295) EU co-ordination meetings in preparation of COPs.

If a developed country Party -

296. Has your country funded regional and sub-regional meetings to prepare for the COP, and facilitated the participation of developing countries in such meetings?
a) no
b) yes (please provide details below) X

(296) Belgium supported a regional meeting of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), held in Harare in preparation of COP-5.

Decision V/22. Budget for the programme of work for the biennium 2001-2002

297. Did your country pay its contribution to the core budget (BY Trust Fund) for 2001 by 1st January 2001?
a) yes in advance
b) yes on time
c) no but subsequently paid
d) not yet paid X

298. Has your country made additional voluntary contributions to the trust funds of the Convention?
a) yes in the 1999-2000 biennium X
b) yes for the 2001-2002 biennium
c) expect to do so for the 2001-2002 biennium X
d) no

(298 a) In 2000, a voluntary contribution of 8 million BEF was granted to the Trust Fund (BE) for approved activities by COP.

(298 c) It is expected that further support, through voluntary contributions, will be given during the biennium 2001-2002 (amount to be determined).

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