Second National Report of Belgium
to the Convention on Biological Diversity

Article 21 Financial mechanism

289. What is the relative priority afforded to implementation of this Article and the associated decisions by your country?
a) High X
b) Medium
c) Low

290. To what extent are the resources available adequate for meeting the obligations and recommendations made?
a) Good
b) Adequate X
c) Limiting
d) Severely limiting

Further comments on relative priority and on availability of resources

Belgium attaches great importance to the follow-up of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) as the interim financial mechanism of the Convention. As a GEF Council Member, Belgium pays special attention to the share of biodiversity projects in the overall GEF portfolio, to the timely approval of enabling activities, to the incorporation of COP guidelines into GEF policy and activities, and to the adequate reporting of GEF activities to the COP. In general, the resources for biodiversity through GEF have been adequate and growing. Within the negotiations for the 3rd replenishment of GEF, Belgium is defending a substantial increase of resources.

291. Has your country worked to strengthen existing financial institutions to provide financial resources for the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity?
a) no
b) yes X

Decision III/7. Guidelines for the review of the effectiveness of the financial mechanism

292. Has your country provided information on experiences gained through activities funded by the financial mechanism?
a) no activities
b) no, although there are activities
c) yes, within the previous national report X
d) yes, through case-studies
e) yes, through other means (please give details below)

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