Second National Report of Belgium
to the Convention on Biological Diversity

Article 17 Exchange of information

247. What is the relative priority afforded to implementation of this Article and the associated decisions by your country?
a) High X
b) Medium
c) Low

248. To what extent are the resources available adequate for meeting the obligations and recommendations made?
a) Good
b) Adequate X
c) Limiting
d) Severely limiting

Further comments on relative priority and on availability of resources

See notes on biodiversity-related websites in text box at the end of the questions in relation to Article 18.

249. Has your country taken measures to facilitate the exchange of information from publicly available sources (17(1))?
a) no measures
b) restricted by lack of resources
c) some measures in place
d) potential measures under review
e) comprehensive measures in place X

If a developed country Party

250. Do these measures take into account the special needs of developing countries (17(1))?
a) no
b) yes - limited extent
c) yes - significant extent X

251. If so, do these measures include all the categories of information listed in Article 17(2), including technical, scientific and socio-economic research, training and surveying programmes, specialised knowledge, repatriation of information and so on?
a) no
b) yes - limited extent
c) yes - significant extent X

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