Second National Report of Belgium
to the Convention on Biological Diversity

Article 16 Access to and transfer of technology

238. What is the relative priority afforded to implementation of this Article and the associated decisions by your country?
a) High
b) Medium Priv.
c) Low X

239. To what extent are the resources available adequate for meeting the obligations and recommendations made?
a) Good
b) Adequate
c) Limiting X
d) Severely limiting

240. Has your country taken measures to provide or facilitate access for and transfer to other Contracting Parties of technologies that are relevant to the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity or make use of genetic resources and do not cause significant damage to the environment (16(1))?
a) no measures
b) some measures in place X
c) potential measures under review
d) comprehensive measures in place

241. Is your country aware of any initiatives under which relevant technology is transferred to your country on concessional or preferential terms (16(2))?
a) no X
b) yes

242. Has your country taken measures so that Contracting Parties which provide genetic resources are provided access to and transfer of technology which make use of those resources, on mutually agreed terms (16(3))?
a) not relevant
b) relevant, but no measures
c) some measures in place X
d) potential measures under review
e) comprehensive measures in place
If so, are these measures
a) Legislation
b) Statutory policy or subsidiary legislation
c) Policy and administrative arrangements X

243. Has your country taken measures so that the private sector facilitates access to joint development and transfer of relevant technology for the benefit of government institutions and the private sector of developing countries (16(4))?
a) no measures X
b) some measures in place
c) potential measures under review
d) comprehensive measures in place
If so, are these measures
a) Legislation?
b) Statutory policy and subsidiary legislation?
c) Policy and administrative arrangements?

244. Does your country have a national system for intellectual property right protection (16(5))?
a) no
b) yes X

245. If yes, does it cover biological resources in any way?
a) no
b) yes - limited extent
c) yes - significant extent X

Decision III/17. Intellectual property rights

246. Has your country conducted and provided to the secretariat case-studies of the impacts of intellectual property rights on the achievement of the CBD objectives?
a) no X
b) some
c) many

Further comments on implementation of this Article

(general) Regarding the 'Belgian Co-ordinated Collections of Micro-organisms', the consortium follows the recommendations of DGIC in the matters relevant for the activities involving international co-operation and to the extent of the available resources.(general) An example of technology transfer involving the private sector is a joint project between Tibotec-Virco, a young multinational biotechnology company, and Vietnam were for the development and production of an anti-parasitic drug, the Belgian section of the company upgraded the harvesting and production unit with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and GAP (Good Agricultural Practice). Equipment and experts were sent to Vietnam and Vietnamese specialists were invited to Belgium for training. For the drug discovery and development program (on HIV, other infectious diseases, and cancer) the company has several collaboration in the field of biodiversity (natural products drugs discovery program). The private sector highlights the efforts of the Belgian Department for Development Co-operation in relation to this article.

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