Biodiversity in Belgium, a country study

Publication: August 2003

Table of contents



Chapter 1. Biodiversity and extinctions, present and past

  1. Introduction

  2. Definition

  3. How many species?

  4. New findings

  5. Fossil biodiversity

  6. Extinctions in geological time

  7. Recent extinctions

  8. The importance of biodiversity

  9. Measures

Chapter 2. A country profile

  1. Belgium in a nutshell

  2. Topography and main regional units

  3. Soil

  4. Geology

  5. Climate

  6. Evolution of the Belgian landscape

  7. People and society

  8. A federal state

Chapter 3. Prokaryotic and botanic diversity

  1. Introduction

  2. Prokaryotic diversity

  3. Synopsis of the Belgian flora

  4. Conclusions

Chapter 4. Zoological diversity

  1. Introduction

  2. Methodology

  3. Description

  4. Synopsis of the Belgian fauna

  5. Conclusions

Chapter 5. Belgian ecosystems listed in the Habitats Directive

  1. The Habitats Directive

  2. CORINE Biotope classification

  3. Palaearctic classification

  4. EUNIS classification

  5. Biological Evaluation Map (BWK) of Belgium

  6. The Natura 2000 network in Belgium

  7. Belgian ecosystems listed in the Habitats Directive

Chapter 6. Biodiversity of the Regions and North Sea

Biodiversity in the Brussels Capital Region

  1. Introduction: the particular status of the Region

  2. Ecosystems and areas of high biological value

  3. Activities and threats to biodiversity

  4. Species diversity in relation to urban threats and alien species

  5. Some remarks on the strategies and actions to develop biodiversity

State of Nature in Flanders

  1. Introduction

  2. Species diversity

  3. Ecosystems and areas of high biological value

  4. Environmental disturbances

  5. Actions to develop and sustain biodiversity

Biodiversity in Wallonia

  1. General overview

  2. Historical evolution of the landscapes in Wallonia

  3. Biodiversity and current status of some habitats in Wallonia

  4. Species surveys

  5. Conservation management, a challenging future

Biodiversity of the Belgian marine areas

  1. Introduction

  2. Marine habitats

  3. Overview of the Belgian marine biodiversity

  4. Main threats to the Belgian marine biodiversity

  5. Tools for marine biodiversity preservation: MMM-law and Marine Protected Areas

  6. Conclusion

General conclusions

General references

Annex 1. Major Belgian series on fauna, flora and nature
Annex 2. Legend units of the Biological Evaluation Map
Annex 3. List of species of the Birds Directive and Habitats Directive present in Wallonia

Abbreviations and acronyms




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