Belgian authorities competent for 
the Convention on Biological Diversity


Belgium is a federal state. The competences at the federal and regional levels are clearly defined. 

The Federal government's areas of competence include foreign affairs, defence, justice, finances, social security, sectors of public health, etc. 

The Regions are competent in the fields of nature and water management, forest management, nature conservation, spatial planning and public works, agriculture, economy, energy management and transport, employment. This covers important parts of the Convention on Biological Diversity. Furthermore the Regions and Communities are entitled to run foreign relations in those areas where they are competent.


The links below will lead you to contact information for the authorities competent in matters of biodiversity:

Federal ministers Federal administrations Federal governmental 
and advisory bodies
Brussels ministers 
and state secretaries
Brussels administrations Brussels advisory bodies
Flemish ministers Flemish administrations Flemish advisory bodies
Walloon ministers Walloon administrations Walloon advisory bodies



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