Glossary of terms related to the CBD


ultraviolet radiation
radiation beyond the violet (high energy) end of the visible light spectrum. UV-B is the middle range wave-length of the three UV bands, and is largely absorbed in the Earth's atmospheric ozone layer; prolonged exposure to UV-B can be biologically damaging.
umbrella species
species whose occupancy area (plants) or home range (animals) are large enough and whose habitat requirements are wide enough that, if they are given a sufficiently large area for their protection, will bring other species under that protection. [GBA]
material lacking the characteristics or agronomic performance for cropping in a specific area. [CUB]
unidirectional externality
these are externalities in which the external costs or benefits of the resource use are "one way". [GBA]
unintended release
any release of GMOs which is not a deliberate release [BSWG/2/5: UNEP Expert Panel IV Report]
a process by which water rises from lower depths into the shallows, usually the result of divergence or offshore currents.
use value
values obtained through the use of a resource. This includes direct and indirect use values and instrumental values. Preservation in this sense is as much a use as development. [GBA]
utility function
a description of the way in which the well-being of individuals depends on different combinations of goods and services consumed. [GBA]
utilization of farm animal genetic resources
the use and development of animal genetic resources for the production of food and agriculture.
The use in production systems of AnGRs that already possess high levels of adaptive fitness to the environments concerned, and the deployment of sound genetic principles, will facilitate sustainable development of the AnGRs and the sustainable intensification of the production systems themselves. The wise use of AnGRs is possible without depleting domestic animal diversity. Development of AnGRs includes a broad mix of ongoing activities that must be well planned and executed for success, and compounded over time, hence with high value. It requires careful definition of breeding objectives, and the planning, establishment and maintenance of effective and efficient animal recording and breeding strategies. [FAO]


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