Glossary of terms related to the CBD
in-session documents that contain draft reports and texts for adoption by the COP or the subsidiary body, often in all six UN languages.
land tenure
the right to exclusively occupy and use a specified area of land. Tenure may also be limited to certain resources ("resource tenure") such as timber but not to all resources in a given area. Tenure may be held by individuals, communities, government, or corporations. [GBA]
- a crop cultivar or animal breed that evolved with and has been genetically improved by traditional agriculturalists, but has not been influenced by modern breeding practices. [GBA]
- farmer-developed cultivars of crop plants which are adapted to local environmental conditions. [CUB]
Leipzig Declaration
The Leipzig Declaration on conservation and sustainable utilization of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture, Leipzig, 23 June 1996.
life sciences companies
companies which combine businesses in pharmaceutical, agricultural chemicals and products, and food and nutrition. [CUB]
a homozygous, pure breeding group of individuals phenotypically distinct from other members of the same species. Broader than strain. [CUB]
the ocean shore, including the rocky intertidal, sandy beaches, and salt marshes.
living modified organisms (LMOs)
- all organisms produced through the use of recombinant DNA technology, with a wider range of modifying technologies relevant when considering living modified prokaryotes and yeast. [BSWG/2/5: Report of the Panel of Experts on Biosafety, Cairo 1995]
- genetically modified organisms (GMOs) whose genetic material does not occur naturally by mating or natural recombination. [BSWG/2/5: Report of UNEP Expert Panel IV]
the site on a chromosome occupied by a specific gene.

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