Glossary of terms related to the CBD


Jakarta Mandate
the Jakarta Mandate on Marine and Coastal Biological Diversity is a global consensus on the importance of marine and coastal biological diversity and is a part of the Ministerial Statement on the implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity, as adopted by the Conference of the Parties at its second meeting held in Jakarta, Indonesia, 6-17 November 1995.
Joint Liaison Group
A Joint Liaison Group of the secretariats and officers of the relevant subsidiary bodies of the three Rio conventions (FCCC, CBD, CCD) has been established in order to promote complementarities among the secretariats and to facilitate continuing cooperation between the conventions both at national and international levels. [CBD Decisions VI/20 and VII/26]
joint products
commodities which are produced in such a way that a change in the output of one of them necessarily involves a change in the output of the other. [GBA]
a regional group coalition of the non EU developed countries, which acts as an information sharing and discussion forum. JUSSCANNZ stands for Japan, the US, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, Norway and New Zealand.
Iceland, Mexico, the Republic of Korea and other invited countries may also attend meetings.

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