The Global Taxonomy Initiative in Belgium



Taxonomy is the science that identifies, describes and classifies the diversity of life. 

The Global Taxonomy Initiative (GTI) was set up under the Convention on Biological Diversity to overcome the 'taxonomic impediment' which seriously hinders the implementation of the CBD. Its main objectives are to reduce the knowledge gaps in our taxonomic system, the shortage of trained taxonomists and curators and, thereby, to improve decision-making in conservation. 


The Belgian GTI focal point 

The Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences has been appointed as Belgian national focal point to the GTI. It works in close cooperation with other  institutions nationally, among others to carry out taxonomy-based research activities, and to develop a capacity building programme for taxonomy.

As part of its partnership with developing countries, the GTI focal point has launched calls for proposals for institutional and individual capacity building and taxonomy-based research projects.



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