Protected areas and areas under special 
conservation status in Belgium


On this page you will find a list of the protected areas of Belgium as found on different sources on the Internet.



Protected areas and special areas of conservation in Wallonia Nature reserves of RNOB asbl Nature reserves of Ardenne et Gaume asbl Nature outside protected areas

Maps from Belgium's First National Report (1998):



Special areas of conservation

Nature Reserves

Maps from Belgium's First National Report (1998):

Other maps:



The Brussels Capital Region hosts several protected areas on its territory. The "ZoniŽnwoud" or "ForÍt de Soignes" is the best-known area in the region. The Brussels Capital Region is developing, through its green and blue networks, the ecological richness of its territory.

Map from Belgium's First National Report (1998):


Information at national level

The Sonian Forest, a forest managed by the three Belgian regions. Also a Natura 2000 site.



Information at international level - Federal and private nature reserves


North Sea

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