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The Convention on Biological Diversity addresses ex-situ conservation in its Article 9. The main purpose of this type of conservation is to complement in-situ conservation measures, by the establishment of facilities, such as zoos, botanical gardens and other types of collections of biological resources.

In Belgium's First National Report to the Convention, a special chapter, No. 7,  was dedicated to the ex-situ collections in Belgium. The national report gives only a synoptic overview of major collections of international importance.

On this page you can also find information on smaller Belgian collections. 

You can also visit the pages on collections on the Belgian Biodiversity Server for more information on addresses and people in charge of the different collections.



Micro-organisms and Fungi

The Belgium Co-ordinated Collections of Micro-organisms (BCCM) groups four different collections:

Name Collection
BCCMtm/IHEM Biomedical fungi & yeasts collection at Brussels
BCCMtm/MUCL (Agro)Industrial fungi & yeasts collection at Louvain-La-Neuve
BCCMtm/LMG Bacteria collection at Ghent
BCCMtm/LMBP Plasmid and cDNA collection at Ghent

 Other collections on micro-organisms and fungi:

Living algae collection University of Liège
Microbial collection Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM) in Antwerp
Verticillium chlamydosporium strain collection Agricultural Research Centre - Ghent
Microfungi of agricultural and horticultural crops and imported plant material Agricultural Research Centre - Ghent
Ectomycorrhiza of Pinus sylvestris Limburgs Universitair Centrum (LUC)

Collections of dead material:

Herbaria of fungi National botanical garden of Belgium (Herbarium BR) Meisse
Herbarium of algae and fungi University of Liege, Laboratory of Algology, Mycology and Experimental systematics
Herbarium Thoen of fungi University Foundation Luxembourg
Herbarium LG of Lichens and lichenicolous Fungi University of Liege
Herbarium of the University of Namur NAM

Collection of wild type and mutant Brucella bacteria strains

University of Namur (FUNDP)
Herbarium Louvain-La-Neuve University of L-L-N
Cavernicolous fauna of the West-Palearctic realm (collection Delhez) Royal Belgian Society for Geological and Archeological Studies
Limnological samples University of Antwerp-RUCA campus (UA-RUCA)
Herbarium GENT Ghent University (RUG)
Bacterial collection of the Department of Crop Protection - DGBC Agricultural Research Centre - Ghent (CLO-Gent)

Database collections:

FUNBEL, a database with distribution data of Fungi in Belgium Royal Antwerp Mycologists Cercle (KAMK)
Database of the distribution of Fungi and Lichens in the Brussels Capital Region Brussels Institute for Environmental Management (IBGE/BIM)



Living material fauna:

Living plant parasitic nematode collection Agricultural Research Centre - Ghent
European endangered species programme Planckendael zoological park

Collections of dead material fauna:

Zoological collection of the University of Liège (Belgium) University of Liege
Reference collection for the identification of insects in agriculture, stored food products and buildings Agricultural Research Centre - Ghent (CLO-Gent)
  • Limnological samples
  • Collembola of Belgium
  • African small mammals (Insectivora- Rodentia)
  • Tissue collection of African small mammals (Insectivora-Rodentia) for biochemical systematics and phylogeography
  • Rodents of Papua New Guinea (Mammalia, Rodentia)
  • Amphibia and Reptilia of Papua New Guinea
  • Rotifera and Tardigrada
University of Antwerp-RUCA campus (UA-RUCA)
  • Stomach contents of freshwater fish from reservoir lakes
  • Plankton samples from the rivers Meuse
  • Fry and juvenile stages of freshwater fish
  • Zoological collection
University of Namur
  • Rotifera Reference collection
  • Archaeozoological reference collection (Vertebrata; Mollusca; Crustacea)
Ghent University (RUG)
Collections of the Institute Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
  • Entomological collection
  • Pest insects in orchards
Agricultural University of Gembloux
  • African Fish
  • African Amphibia
  • African Reptilia
  • African Birds
  • African Mammals
  • Osteological collection
  • Insects
  • Invertebrates non-insects
  • Lepidoptera
  • Hemiptera
  • Coleoptera
Royal Museum for Central Africa
  • Stuffed endemic mammals and birds of woodlands
  • Skeletal material of mammals, birds and reptiles
Wild animal park Planckendael
  • Recent and Fossil live forms
  • Insects collection
Université Catholique de Louvain - Louvain La Neuve (UCL, lln)

Databases fauna:

Spiders of Belgium, interactive CD-Rom Gie Wyckmans
Database Distribution of Mammalia in Wallonia (Belgium) AVES Ornithological Society
Checklist and other information on the Dragonflies of Wallonia (Belgium) Research Centre on Nature, Forests and Wood (CRNFB)
Databases on:
  • Hamster (Mammalia, Rodentia, Cricetus cricetus)
  • Mammals
  • Amphibians and Reptiles
  • Surveys and monitoring of the Little Owl (Athene noctua)
  • Survey and distribution of House Martin, Sand Martin and Barn Swallow
  • Birdline Belgium
  • Bird migration counts over land
  • in Flanders (Belgium)
Natuurpunt, Nature Conservation Organisation
Distribution of breeding birds in the Brussels Capital Region Brussels Institute for Environmental Management (IBGE/BIM)
Albertine Rift specimens of the familiy Papilionidae (Insecta, Lepidoptera) Royal Museum for Central Africa
Neckbanded geese in Flanders (Belgium), mainly pink-footed, greater white-fronted and greylag goose  
Institute of Nature Conservation (IN)
Freshwater fish database Institute for Forestry and Game Management (IBW)
Distribution of mammals in Flanders Youth Federation for Nature Study and Environmental Protection (JNM)



Living material flora:

National Botanic Garden of Belgium (NPB)
In-vitro banana and plantain varieties International Network for the Improvement of Banana and Plantain and Laboratory of Tropical Crop Improvement (University of Leuven)
  • Evergreen azalea cultivars and wild types and cultivars of related species of Rhododendron
  • Winterhard Hibiscus cultivars
Agricultural Research Centre - Ghent (CLO-Gent)
Pavia Nurseries (Pavia)
  • Holly Ilex aquifolium (Angiospermae, Aquifoliaceae) collection
  • Cornus kousa cultivars and their adaptation to Belgian growing conditions (Angiospermae, Cornaceae)
  • Bamboos (Angiospermae, Bambusaceae)
Domain Bokrijk
University of Liège (ULG)
  • Garden with indigenous plants of the Viroinval region, arranged by habitat
  • Botanical Garden arranged by phytogeographical regions
  • Medicinal plants Garden arranged by medical properties
Centre Marie-Victorin CNB-CMV, Center for Nature Study and Conservation and Environmental Education
Living orchids, private collection A. Ronse
Botanical garden Ghent University (RUG)
Collection of living ecotypes of wild flowers Université Catholique de Louvain - Louvain La Neuve (UCL, lln)

Dead material flora:

Herbarium AWH Royal Zoological Society of Antwerp
Herbarium BRLU (including BRGE) Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)
Herbarium LG University of Liège (ULG)
Herbarium GENT Ghent University (RUG)
Herbarium of the FON Working Group FON Working Group
  • Educational herbarium of Western Europe
  • Bryophytes herbarium of Western Europe
Centre Marie-Victorin CNB-CMV, Center for Nature Study and Conservation and Environmental Education
Herbarium Thoen of vascular plants University Foundation Luxembourg (FUL)
Herbarium of vascular plants Gembloux Agricultural University (FSAGx, FUSAGx)
  • Herbarium Belgii, Vascular plants
  • Herbarium Africanum, Vascular plants
  • Herbarium Generale: Vascular plants
National Botanic Garden of Belgium (NPB)
Herbarium LV Botanical institute of the Catholic University of Leuven
Herbarium Broeder Rémy Limburg Union for Nature Study LIKONA (LIKONA) c/o provincial nature education centre
Wood and Arboretum Provincial estate 'Het Leen',
Arboretum Kalmthout vzw Arboretum Kalmthout vzw
Arboretum Herkenrode Arboretum Herkenrode

Databases flora:

Atlas of the distribution of vascular plants in Belgium (edition 1972) Research Centre on Nature, Forests and Wood (CRNFB)
Floristic inventory of road verges, mainly in the vicinity of Leuven IGO Leuven vzw, Intergemeentelijk Opbouwwerk arrondissement Leuven
Database of habitat typology Natuurpunt, Nature Conservation Organisation
Distribution of vascular plants in the Brussels Capital Region Brussels Institute for Environmental Management (IBGE/BIM)
Distribution of lane trees in Brussels Brussels Capital Region, Administration of Equipment and Transport





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