Biodiversity Education in Belgium


This page gives access to information on courses, lectures, training and others, on biological diversity, sustainable development and human ecology organised by universities, schools and other institutions in Belgium.

It focuses on the implementation of articles 12 (Research and Training) and 13 (Public Education and Awareness) of the Convention on Biological Diversity.

At present this page is only a demo. Proposed items to this day : 


Biodiversity, sustainable development, environment and human ecology courses organised by Belgian universities (post-graduate level)


Nature guide training courses


Education and public-awareness for a general public

Institutions, centres and organisations

Actions and programmes


Online documentation


Youth camps and activities

Brussels Flanders Wallonia

To obtain more information on youth activities in Wallonia, visit the DGRNE web site : 


Biodiversity and the Ocean Charter


Flanders Environmental Library Network


Teacher's organisations related to environmental matters


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