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BBAis a non-profit organisation bringing together the Belgian leading actors in the field of biotechnology (industry and universities), in order to promote biotechnology in Belgium. The association, which was created in 1986, currently numbers 25 companies, 24 university laboratories and 9 public organisations in Belgium. BBA is also a member and co-founder of EuropaBio (the European Association for BioIndustries). A News Bulletin of the Belgian BioIndustries Association has been started in September 1998.

EUROPABIO provides a European focus for the collation and dissemination of information on national and European issues; helps National BioIndustries Associations effectively contribute to the development of EC regulatory policy and assists in coordinating application on a national level of EC directives affecting biotechnology.


Biological control and integrated pest management

Biological control and integrated pest management (IPM) are a first step towards a sustainable agriculture ... Below, you will find the leading Belgian companies in this field.

Biobest has three major fields of activity: 1) production and supply of products for biological pollination and biological control; 2) registration, field development and marketing of biopesticides; 3) contract research (efficacy trials, residue trials, side-effects on beneficials and bumblebees of chemical pesticides and biopesticides.

Biobest n.v.
Ilse Velden 18
B-2260 Westerlo
Tel: +32- (0)14 25.79.80
Fax: +32-(0)14 25.79.82

Founded in 1988, GAWI (Groupement d’Arboriculteurs pratiqant en Wallonie les techniques Intégrées / Organisation of Walloon Fruit growers who apply the Integrated Techniques) is a non-profit organisation, that is recognised as a Regional Pilot Centre for References and Experiments in Wallonia.

Its mission is:

  • the technical support of fruit growers that apply the Integrated Fruit Production method,
  • the validation of the Integrated Production Techniques and the measures for the protection of the environment and human health,
  • to draw up and update the Fruitnet guidelines for the Integrated Production of pome fruit,
  • to help draw up guidelines for the Integrated Production of other fruit and/or vegetable cultures.
asbl GAWI
Rue des Coccinelles, 1
B-4600 Visé - Belgique
Tél.: +32-(0)4 / 379 23 36
Fax: +32-(0)4 / 379 69 12

  • Horpi Systems SA

Horpi Systems is the Walloon counterpart of Biobest, and is based in the Province of Liège. It produces, between others, ladybirds that are used for biological control of scale insects and aphids.

Horpi Systems
Grand Route 65
B-4537 Verlaine
Tel.: +32 4 259.43.55
Fax: +32 4 259.43.56



Launched in 1985, EUREKA has already changed the face of pan-European cooperative research and development. It is a framework through which industry and research institutes from 29 European countries and the European Union develop and exploit the technologies crucial to global competitiveness and a better quality of life.


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