Belgian experts on access and benefit-sharing


Expert Expertise Address
Ir Philippe Desmeth microbial genetic resources: policy, planning and management, sustainable use, conservation;
management of agricultural development project;
coordination of bilateral scientific capacity building projects;
coordination of multilateral policy and administrative projects.
Jean Roger Dreze assessment and evaluation of mutually shared interest programmes and policies;
economic and environment policy integration (including integrated product policy);
WTO trade-related economic issues (WTO, UNCTAD).
Dr Ir Bartholomeus Panis biotechnology: plant genetic resources: cryo-preservation, conservation, policy, planning and management;
molecular biology, genetic engineering, training.
Prof. Dr Ir Rony Swennen biotechnology and genetic engineering: plant genetic resources: conservation, sustainable use, training;
taxonomy, molecular biology, policy, management.
Mrs. Françoise Symoens medical mycology
Ir Ines Van Den Houwe biotechnology: plant genetic resources: in vitro propagation, conservation, training, sustainable use. KUL - LTP
Dr Luc Van Puyvelde pharmacognosy, phytomedicine and phytochemistry:
development and production of plant-based drugs and pesticides.



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