Belgian experts on inland water biological diversity


Expert Expertise Address
Dr Luc Brendonck temporary pool ecosystems: structure and function of temporary pool biota, micro-evolutionary processes in temporary pools
environmental impact assessment; use of temporary pool crustaceans in aquaculture and aquatical toxicology; culture of temporary pool crustaceans
Dr Christine Cocquyt lake ecosystems; paleo-limnology; in East Africa, African Great Lakes RUG - Biologie
Prof. Dr Luc De Meester population biology and ecosystem research of lakes in Belgium and abroad (Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Bolivia); screening of genetic diversity in zooplankton and aquatic invertebrates KUL - ZI
Dr Ir Pierre-Dominique Gérard fish culture and aquaculture MRW
Dr Lucien Hoffmann freshwater algae, especially blue-green algae in temperate and tropical areas ULg - DB
Dr Koen Martens diversity, assessment of invertebrates
in wetlands, lakes, temporary habitats
Prof. Dr Frans Ollevier lake, reservoir and inland sea ecosystems; fishery, aquaculture and water management; in Kenya, the Mekong Delta, Bolivia, the Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire) and Belgium KUL - ZI
Dr Marc Pollet ecosystems and protected areas IWT
Dr Pascal Poncin ichtyology, ethology, biological rhythms, reproductive physiology of fish, river management, aquaculture, biodiversity
policy and planning; environmental impact assessment; protected areas; fisheries and water management; wetland, lake, reservoir and river ecosystems
ULg - IZ
Prof. Dr Jean-Claude Ruwet ethology, ornithology, ichtyology, biological conservation, biodiversity, ecodevelopment; behavioral ecology, faunistic, population ecology, management of areas of biological interest; wetland, lake and reservoir ecosystems; protected areas; wild life and land management, integrated management; policy and planning; environmental impact assessment; in Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire), Rwanda, East-Africa, China, Vietnam and Europe ULg - IZ
Dr Koen Sabbe taxonomy and ecology of planctonic and benthic protists, mainly diatoms;
lake, reservoir, river, inland sea and estuary ecosystems; protected areas, water management, integrated management; policy and planning; environmental impact assessment
RUG - Biologie
Prof. Dr Ludwig Triest aquatic macrophytes; wetland, lake and river ecosystems; wild life and integrated management; environmental impact assessment; genetic diversity research in Belgium; stable isotope tracers in Papyrus swamps and macrophytes in the Lake Victoria VUB - APNA
Jean-Pierre Vanden Bossche river ecosystems: biological and ecological quality assessment; biodiversity mainly of macro-invertebrates; inland water biology, ecology and management; fisheries and aquaculture in Africa; traditional knowledge; technology; environmental impact assessment; protection of the Meuse river (Belgium); Europe: Water Framework Directive and Ecological Quality of Water Directive; databank of inland water macro-invertebrates in Wallonia MRW
Dr Erik Verheyen  Phylogeny, phylogeography, population genetics of African lacustrine cichlids; population dynamics and demographic response of African cichlids to climatic changes and sedimentation; conservation genetics and the study of genetic adaptation to metal pollution in Flemish freshwater fishes RBINS
Dr Filip Volckaert population and evolutionary genetics of fish; Europe, North America, Africa & Asia; coastal zone management, policy
fisheries; aquaculture; wetland, river and ocean ecosystems
Prof. Dr Wim Vyverman wetland, lake, reservoir, river and inland sea ecosystems; water management; in Australia, South-East Asia, South America and Europe RUG - Biologie
Prof. Dr Karel Wouters Taxonomy of fresh and brackish water Ostracoda RBINS


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