Belgian experts on forest biological diversity


Expert Expertise Address
Dr Michel Baguette evaluation of forest biodiversity; entomological fauna of forests; comparison between biodiversity in spruce plantations and temperate forests. UCL - EB
Mrs Dominique Champluvier botany: systematics, floristics, ecology (Africa, Belgium, France); African and Belgian flora; vegetation maps; field surveys. Botanical Garden - Meise
Ir Laurent Colmant forest avifauna and integrated management; forest management and nature conservation; conservation of black woodpecker in special protected zones. Centre de recherche et de promotion forestière -  Gembloux
Dr Ugo Dall' Asta African moths and butterflies; caracterization of African tropical forests; Ivory Coast, Cameroon and Kenya Royal Museum for Central Africa
Dr André De Kesel mycology: mycoflora and forest management; monitoring; field survey; guidelines for forest management.
parasitology: entomology and mycology.
Botanical Garden - Meise
Prof. Freddy Devillez ecology, forestry, phytosociology
Dr Marc Dufrêne distribution and systematics of insects; methodology of biological evaluation; data analysis; Wallonian biodiversity information system. UCL - EB
Dr Ir Jean-Claude Grégoire ecology of forestrial insects ULB - DBA
Dr Martin Hermy historical ecology of forests; nature conservation. KUL - ILW
Ir Dominique Jacques genetical improvement of forest trees; genetical conservation DGRNE - CRNFB
Dr Rudy Jocqué ecology, systematics, faunistics of African tropical spiders, evaluation of tropical forests based on terrestrial invertebrates, rehabilitation of tropical forests Royal Museum for Central Africa
Prof. Philippe Lebrun ecology and biodiversity of soil micro-arthropods (mainly mites in forest ecosystems); bio-indicators of environmental quality; nature conservation and management; integrated and biological control. UCL -EB
Dr Claude Lefebvre genetics; ecological genetics; evolution; infraspecific systematics. ULB - Jardin Massart
Dr Roland Libois ornithology, mammalogy, ecology of higher vertebrates, zoogeography ULg - Zoologie
Dr Michel Louette ornithology, ecology, systematics, faunistics, birds as bio-indicators in forests; Africa, Cameroon; islands, Comoros, Mayotte Royal Museum for Central Africa
Dr Danny Meirte herpethology: serpents, lizards, geckos; prospecting, determination; Comoros, Mayotte, Kikwit Royal Museum for Central Africa
Dr Pierre Meerts intra-specific plant diversity; mineral nutrition ecology
in forests (including dendrochemistry); floristics.
ULB - Jardin Massart
Dr Marc Pollet Dolichopodidae (Diptera): ecology, systematics, taxonomy,
phylogeny, zoogeography, nature conservation
Ir Vincent Quivy natural regeneration; energetical valorization of wood (firewood and carbonization); tree cultivation and reafforestation. Unité de Sylviculture -  Gembloux
Dr Jan Rammeloo mycological aspects of tropical forest, with special emphasis on the taxonomical knowledge of ectomycorrhizal species; fungi as secondary forest products. Botanical Garden - Meise
Dr Elmar Robbrecht botany: systematics and biogeography; particularly Rubiaceae of the African tropical forest. Botanical Garden - Meise
Prof. Dr René Schumacker vegetation ecology, phytosociology, floristics and phytogeography, especially of cryptogams (Bryophyta, lichens and Pteridophyta), epiphytes and epiphylles; management of Walloon peat forests, bryoflore of the laurelforest on the Azores; peat fields and moors ULg - Hautes Fagnes
Dr Ir Jacques Stein ecology; botany; phytosociology DGRNE
Dr Herman Stieperaere bryophytes (mosses) Botanical Garden - Meise
Ir Kris Vandekerkhove vascular plants; forest structure and dynamics; phytosociology; West-Palearctic birds; management; forest structure in Vietnam; forest reserves in Flanders IBW
Dr Ir. Xavier Vekemans conservation of genetic resources of cultivated plants;
genetic diversity in wild plants.
ULB - Jardin Massart
Dr Jean-Pierre Verhaegen general ecology of forests, humid zones and agricultural areas
ornithology; wild life; vegetation; nature protection zones; limnology and physico-chemistry of inland waters
CRFNB - Harchies
Ir Ruben Walleyn ecology, systematics and conservation of macrofungi; macrofungi and forest management; indicator value for biodiversity of lignicolous fungi IBW


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