Belgian experts on agricultural biological diversity


Expert Expertise Address
Prof. Dr Ir Jean-Pierre Baudoin plant genetic resources, gene pool organization, in situ conservation, concerning tropical and
intertropical regions 
FUSAGx - Phytotechnie des régions intertropicales
Prof. Dr Ir André Falisse crop production (cereal, oilseed and pulse cultivars in Belgium); land resources; plant genetic resources; agricultural services; sustainable use; monitoring / assessment; incentive measures; concerning temperate regions FUSAGx - Unité de Phytotechnie
Dr Wilfried Godderis plant genetic resources; agricultural services; biosafety / biotechnology; tropical and temperate ecosystems AMINAL - Brugge
Dr Ir Philippe Lecomte African rural management; animal production; grassland and savanna research; sustainable beef production Station Haute Belgique
Dr Ir Bartholomeus Panis biotechnology: plant genetic resources: conservation, cryopreservation, tropical regions. KUL - Laboratory of Tropical Crop Improvement 
Dr Ir Alain Peeters land resources; plant, animal and microbial genetic resources; wildlife; farm inputs; marketing conditions for agricultural products; land-use pressures. UCL - Laboratoire d'Ecologie des Prairies
Dr Marc Pollet land resources & wildlife ecology
conservation, monitoring/assessment
in temperate ecosystems, forests, wetlands, coastal / estuarine ecosystems, grasslands / savanna, semi-arid areas
Prof. Dr Ir Rony Swennen biotechnology: plant genetic resources : conservation, sustainable use, technology transfer, tropical regions. KUL - Laboratory of Tropical Crop Improvement 
Ir Ines Van Den Houwe biotechnology: plant genetic resources: in vitro propagation, conservation, technology transfer, monitoring, assessment, tropical regions. KUL - Laboratory of Tropical Crop Improvement 
Prof. Dr Ir Karel Vlassak
soil biology: microbial processes in soil, N-mineralisation, denitrification
soil science, fertilization
land resources, temperate regions
KUL - Faculty of Agricultural and Applied Biological Sciences 


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